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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecodesign Ready?

The Ecodesign Ready Stove label is a Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) initiative which is verified and supported by HETAS. HETAS and the SIA have worked in partnership to raise awareness of the message to stakeholders, including Government Departments and consumers, that the manufacturer members of the SIA are committed to meeting the stringent efficiency and emission limits required for Ecodesign from 1st January 2022.

The mark is awarded to wood burning appliances that are verified by HETAS as meeting the five fundamental requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 with regard to Ecodesign for requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. This highlights the commitment to improving appliance design so that stoves are cleaner, more efficient and contribute to improving our environment through lower emissions produced.

Are your stoves Ecodesign Ready?

All appliances we sell are eligible to display the SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove label, as verified by HETAS unless otherwise stated.

What is Hetas?

HETAS is the official body recognised by Government to approve solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. Registered installers are trained and approved to UKAS standards and can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations.

Why Use a Hetas Registered Installer?

As HETAS registered installers Warm Interiors have the knowledge and experience to install your stove safely and to a very high standard. A HETAS installer will be able to self certify the installation and provide you with a HETAS certificate.

What is Gas Safe?

Gas Safe replaced CORGI in Great Britain from 1st April 2009. To undertake the fitting or servicing of a gas appliance in England, Scotland and Wales, an engineer must be suitably qualified and registered with Gas Safe. From 1st April 2010, all engineers carrying out work on gas appliances in Northern Ireland, whether for installation or servicing, must be on the Gas Safe Register.

What is a suitable replacement for my existing fireplace/appliance?

We would encourage you to visit our showroom and bring along a photo of your existing fireplace or applicance. This will enable us to best discuss your options.

"The proprietor provided a great explanation of the 'science' of the stoves and how to get the most out of them surrounding the environment of your property. He also came to my house and provided a very competitive cost estimate and price for a stove. Highly recommended!

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